Capita launches virtual police technology in the US to help fight crime

London, 4th March 2019: US policing is set to be transformed by game-changing British technology, as American Police Departments sign up for Capita’s on-scene, live video and photo streaming service, 911eye.

Following the successful development of the solution in the UK, Manchester Township Police Department in New Jersey has agreed a 3 year contract for delivery of the Software as a Service (Saas) technology to join other clients in New Jersey who are already making use of the system which allows dispatch centres to have immediate ‘eyes on the scene’ by sending a secure link to a caller’s smartphone, which then relays live footage of an incident to the dispatcher.

Chris Baker, Executive Officer, Capita Software Solutions, said: “This marks Capita’s first step into the largest emergency services market in the world.

“We are delivering cutting-edge tech solutions to help our emergency services clients create better outcomes for the people they serve. This is a great win for Capita’s software division and demonstrates that our transformation and targeting of new markets is bearing fruit.”

911eye supplements conventional policing by allowing police departments to allocate resources more effectively, making policing more efficient and providing public safety professionals with enhanced situational awareness, including the location of the caller, helping to inform better decision making. It also empowers citizens to play an active role in ensuring the safety of their communities, while helping to improve conviction rates through improved evidence gathering.

The contract with Manchester Township PD, though Capita’s partner, the Critical Response Group (CRG), follows successful trials of 911eye with a number of New Jersey PDs, during which the technology was deployed on many occasions. Capita and CRG will be targeting 10 states this year in the first steps of a US expansion of the software.

Lisa D. Parker, Chief of Police, Manchester Township Police Department, said: “911eye has the potential to transform the way we police. We’re very proud to be leading the way with this innovative technology.

“It’s critical for the safety of our communities that we respond to incidents quickly and with the right resources, to the right locations, and this helps us to do just that.”

911eye is delivered in partnership with the Critical Response Group, a leading supplier of innovative technology and training to law enforcement.

These US emergency service wins demonstrate success for Capita’s focus on the software market as a source of growth since Jon Lewis took over as chief executive in December 2017. As a key element of the firm’s long-term strategy, Capita’s Software division will focus on a repeatable “build once, sell many times” business model.

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